Augurio Buonanno

by My Own Change



"My Own Change" who has held up a revolution and has been changing and developing all the time has released a New CD "Augrio Bounanno." It had been about 4years since the last one "One Family EP." They have 10432, who had a main vocal part, as a guitar vocalist, Ito(ex-Ether Of Clearquake) as a bassist, Shadow(FCFS!) as a help drummer for members. Same as the previous one, art work is done by a graphic designer who represents northern Okayama, Color(CSU). As a guest, Dj A's(Party Gun Paul), Dj York(Eternity) from Eternity which is a long established store in Okayama has been welcomed for sounds, The CD has 7songs cover of "State Oppression" that is a master piece of a 80's hard core legend Raw Power since they are the back born of My Own Change.

My Own Change "Augurio Buonanno" CD (OFR-003)
7 Songs Included / 1,000 Yen
July 2013 Released
01 Intro Dj York (Eternity)
02 Fight For Your Pride
03 Brain Washing Business
04 Fashion Starts From His Feet
05 Root 9
06 You Better Choose Your Friends
07 State Oppression (Originally by Raw Power)


released June 22, 2013



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