One Family EP

by My Own Change



In August 2009, My Own Change dropped new CD and Live DVD-R from previous recording company, and One Family Co. did from One Family Recordings. Following is the detail. The revolutionized orchestra, the constantly developing old schooler My Own Change, released long-awaited New CD "One Family EP" after 2 years of the previous 1st full album "For Our Friends". Featuring Kaznostic Front aka "Shinto-Ka" Okayama's 1mic hardcore punk performer as a guest again, this new CD's 4 songs are explaining and showing much of My Own Change's backbones.

My Own Change "One Family EP" (OFR-002)
Included 4 Songs
Aug 2009 Released
01 Intro Featuring Kaznostic Front (Shinto-ka)
02 Break Down The Walls
03 1996
04 My Own Change


released August 8, 2009



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